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It's a brand new day in advertising -- welcome to atomic!

Today is a big day for us as we launch our new business,  Years have gone into this day.  Years of tears, sweat, laughter and creativity.  All while working for others, or doing our own thing without benefit of a capable, working partner.

Please read our website to learn more about us, our work and what we bring to the table.  Remember one thing as you read these words -- we've been where you're at today.  The pressure of doing it all, knowing it all and having a real life in the process is nigh impossible when you own your own business.  You have to have someone you can trust to promote you, your company, your products and your services.  Someone you know that will not charge you and arm and a leg, or even worse, feed you a line of gobilty gook that you don't understand, but sure sounds good.   Someone you can trust.

That's us --

Thanks for joining us today.  It's going to be a great ride!

      Lesa Crowe, Managing Member           

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